My research interests include general ecology, animal behaviour, herpetology and applied conservation.

I have studied the ecology and behaviour of reptiles and amphibians since I was 12 years old, and was so intrigued that I pursued a career in academia. I set out to carefully examine the local endangered populations, and determine their proximate causes of decline in order to eventually create a management plan that would aid in their recovery.

Aside from maintaining collaborations within the academic community, I believe that consistent communication and cooperation among researchers, government and the public is key for creating a happier, healthier future for the local community and environment. I strive to implement these collaborations in all projects I design and manage.


This short film outlines the research on the endangered Fowler's toads in Long Point, Ontario. The research is conducted by the Lab of my PhD supervisor, Dr. David M. Green, who has been studying this population since 1986.

The film highlights some of my PhD work and was showcased alongside other research projects focused on a "species-at-risk". Its goal was to better communicate to the public about the ongoing research that occurs in the region. The film was produced by Mariotti Visuals in 2015.

My Master's research, under the supervision of Dr. Jacqueline D. Litzgus, involved conducting radio telemetry on individuals from an endangered population of Spotted turtles, with the goal of determining their habitat selection and thermal preferences in a recently beaver-flooded habitat. We discovered the newly flooded areas to be better habitat for the turtles. The outcome of this project resulted in a habitat management proposal, where we suggested that the beaver activity be allowed to continue in their natural cycle of wetland creation, and mediate flooding effects on human activity by facilitating public recreation by the installation of an elevated boardwalk in certain flooded areas.

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