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My mother worked as a government Biologist and always inspired my passion for wildlife and nature. I always enjoyed being outdoors and watching animals interact in their natural habitat. This helped me to thrive in school, especially in the subjects of science and art. I love being creative and would always jump at the chance for trying out new experiments.

Having a passion for learning, I continued my education into graduate studies. It was during this time when I discovered my love for teaching and mentoring. In both the classroom and field, I aim for an interactive dialogue between myself and the students. I have grown to appreciate my own learning experience that comes with being a mentor, and have since discovered effective ways to teach various aspects of ecology through an applied, hands-on approach.

I am currently working as a Research Associate for 8Trees Inc., and a Post Doctoral Fellow at Brock University in the Lab of Dr. Glenn Tattersall. I am also currently a member of the COSEWIC Amphibian and Reptile Specialist Subcommittee.




Long-term studies, population and community ecology

2012 - 2018

McGill University

Ph.D. Natural Resource Science

Supervisor: Dr. David M. Green

Animal Behaviour

Habitat selection, Thermal preferences, Movement and Dispersal, Foraging behaviour


Reptile Habitat and Thermal selection, Amphibian density-dependent growth, Foraging ecology, Amphibian dispersal behaviour, Snake hibernation ecology


Ecological Restoration practices, Habitat creation, and Long-Term Habitat Monitoring and Maintenance, Enhancing Ecosystem Recovery and Function

2008 - 2010

Laurentian University

M.Sc. Biology

Supervisor: Dr. Jacqueline D. Litzgus

2004 - 2008

University of Guelph

B.Sc. (Hon.) Biological Science

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